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Our hugely popular after school club has inspired and nurtured young artists for 15 years and is open to all children attending Claygate Primary School.


Laila's Art Club runs five afternoons a week, straight from school until 5pm. We are housed in the year 4-5 art area, next to the library, and your child can make their way there straight after school if they are in Key Stage 2, or they will be collected from their classroom if in Key Stage 1. When collecting your child, please come to the school green entrance gates. We will take the children there to meet you at 5pm, when the club is finished. 


If you would like your child to join us, please sign up using the registration form below.​



Week 1. Design and personalise your own apron and folder. Welcome session, where everyone gets to design, personalise and decorate their own apron and art folder to be used each week at Artclub. 

Week 2. Still life nature table. We will observe carefully and learn how to draw from life. 

Week 3. 3d Printing with botanicals. Using Clay, plants and plaster of paris, we’ll create 3d printed botanical plaques. 

Week 4. Clay printed bowls. We will use techniques learned last week to print plant designs onto clay and shape into little bowls. 

Week 5. Paint prints and clay bowls. We will use watercolours and acrylics to paint our prints and clay bowls. 


Half Term 

Week 6. Mosaics. Choose your shape and draw a mosaic design. 

Week 7. Mosaics. Glue down your mosaic tiles. 

Week 8. Finish Mosaics and Start Painted Canvas. We will grout and polish our mosaics and start painting with Acrylics on our very own canvas. 

Week 9. Paint canvases. Everyone will continue painting their canvas. 

Week 10. Finish our Canvases. Apply the last few details and finishing touches. 

Week 11. Artclub Summer Party. Selection of arts and crafts activities to choose from, art games and party food. Please bring a party snack to share. 

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